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Preparing for the Spring

Seems like an odd topic to present when the weather has already been spring-ish....

... and yet, as a case in point, some of us are starting to feel the stirrings of spring due to the unseasonably warm weather.

Usually, near the end of February, many people begin to feel a sense of restlessness, agitation, irritation, 'cabin fever' as it were... even if there's snow on the ground, the itch to get outside become apparent.

Or the dreaded spring colds and flus start to surface.

It is quite possible that our bodies are feeling the shift in the seasons before our calendars acknowledge it, and this is perfectly natural.

Before the crocuses and tulips become visible in the ground, the bulbs and seeds are stirred into life, summoning great stores of energy accumulated during the late summer and fall in order to sprout through their casings and make their way through frozen ground up to the sunlight.

This same vigorous energy is within our own biology, and it can manifest in different ways for different people - though rarely is it acknowledged for being appropriate and natural.

Oriental medical theories believe that the liver and gall bladder are at their height of activity this time of year, and often why cleansing is recommended, to support the body in releasing the accumulations of the winter season ... spring cleaning, if you will. And it is our inherent 'spring cleaning' mechanism that often brings on whoppers of a head cold, or other illness, in the body's attempt to clean house.

We invite you to join us on Sunday, February 26th as we present a mini-symposium on how to navigate the shift into spring with ease.

Please visit our events page for more details!

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