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The Prevailing Message

This past Saturday, the LHHC once again partnered with the Lionville Natural Pharmacy to celebrate their 33rd year in business.

While noshing on wraps provided by Ron's Original, and fruit salad, participants took in the wealth of information by three wonderful and knowledgeable speakers: Phillip Getson, D.O. of TDI, Robert Butera, PhD. of YogaLife Institute, and Sarto Schickel.

Dr. Getson gave us a primer in thermography - a diagnostic technology that detects changes in the physiology which could indicate a potential problem (like cancer), before it becomes detectable in the anatomy (through x-rays or mammograms).

Bob Butera presented a synopsis of his book, "Meditation for Your Life", outlining the six main styles of meditation, and how to choose the one most appropriate for your personality.

And Sarto returned to speak about his book, "Cancer Healing Odyssey" which documents his wife's full recovery from stage IV ovarian cancer, through conventional medicine, diet, detox and cultivating a peaceful spirit.

The subject matter was different for each presentation, but the core message echoed throughout the day:
healing really does begin from within, and making (seemingly) simple lifestyle changes in terms of diet, attitude, physical activity and stress levels can have profound, even lifesaving, effects.

I know, preaching to the choir, right?

But there was something much more poignant about seeing thermography images and xrays, and viewing documentation showing what happens in a body before and after trading in a diet of processed food for organic. Something that hit home when we were guided in conscious breathing exercises.

Even though we keep hearing this same message, the same recommendations, most of us still have a ways to go to really get that.

The food we eat, the air we breathe (or neglect to breathe), the demanding lifestyles we lead are not in alignment with how our bodies actually function. It seems obvious that we would suffer as a result, and therefore making changes on those levels could only be a benefit.

Doctors and allopathic medicine can only do so much. Even holistic therapies can only do so much, from the outside in.

It's up to the individual to bring forth what is within themselves - to choose to live in harmony with the natural order as much as possible.


If You Missed Sarto's Visit...


So, we figured this would be a good talk, but it will take me (Gina) several weeks to unpack all of the little unexpected treasures that came out of Sarto Schickel's presentation this past Saturday, regarding his wife's amazing recovery from stage IV ovarian cancer.

More than just the breakdown of the timeline and the protocol, and his personal reflections on how our populous could best be served with a spectrum-like availability of conventional and alternative approaches to cancer healing, this talk was a primer in true holistic health.

In his gentle, straight-forward and intelligent manner, Sarto - a tall, soft-spoken Philadelphia architect - related his family's story with honesty, humor and humility.

He was not a 'doctor-basher' - he was willing to share that the facts (meticulously recorded due to his German nature) showed a significant drop in his wife's cancer markers after the initial surgery, and even more so after the chemo treatments. 

But he also knew there was no doubting the dramatic absence of fluid in her lungs during the ten days leading up to her surgery - which he believes were attributed to beginning his wife on a strict regimen of juicing and coffee enemas the day after her diagnosis (see Gerson Therapy), as well as elements of macrobiotics.

In that respect, he was careful not to make claims that his or any approach is 100% effective - and, in fact, shared the insight with me afterward, that cancer is a condition that can require a multitude of approaches and most certainly, much broader thinking.

Diet (or I should say, nutrition) was not the only component of Sun Hee's regimen.

He outlined his "Trinity of Healing" which includes nutrition (as in food, sunshine, fresh air, good friends, shiatsu, massage, etc.), detoxification (which includes supporting the liver and other organs, choosing more positive people and environments to be around, etc) and a Mind & Spirit program, (which includes living within the natural order, knowing your purpose for being alive, and, of course, regularly expressing gratitude.)

This is sound healing advice for anyone in any condition, and we were proud to hear his affirmation that our Center seemed to embody these very principles.

Sarto was not necessarily touting this approach as the be-all-and-end-all for cancer healing - they simply drew on what they knew and researched and what seemed to make sense to them.

I hope to share more about the tiny treasures within his talk in posts to come.

< == For those who were unable to make it - just to taunt you - here is a photo of the delicious food you missed.

Though as a consolation, Dr. Mike's (Briggs) amazing Strawberry/Fig/Spinach Salad recipe is available here.

Also, we videotaped the talk, and will let you know when and what form this will be available, via DVD. (If you are on the email list, you may get this news faster.)

I encourage you to check out the book, available here, or in the Center.


Cancer Healing Odyssey

We are thrilled to present this special talk by Sarto Schickel, author of "Cancer Healing Odyssey: My Wife's Remarkable Journey with Love, Medicine and Natural Therapies".

We (Bill and Gina) met Sarto at the Waterloo Gardens "Dynamic Living" Wellness Expo back in early May, and were immediately taken by this tall, soft-spoken architect from Philadelphia. (And, I, Gina, especially enjoyed his appreciation for my graying hair... :)

His story, or rather, his wife's, is nothing short of remarkable. And worth paying attention to.

Sun Hee Lee was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer, with metastasis to the chest cavity causing a pleural effusion (fluid build up) and a collapsed lung. About 80% of women with this condition are gone within one year. Sun Hee is now over four years from diagnosis and living a normal life.

They attribute her complete recovery to implementing a combination of medical approach, and the "Trinity of Natural Healing" (Nutrition - namely, Macrobiotics and Gerson; detoxification; and a mind and spirit program), beginning the day after her diagnosis.

Because cancer is a reality that will affect nearly every family in the world, this talk and this book are critically needed resources for every home. This inspiring story shows that cancer is not a death sentence, even if diagnosed in the advanced stages.

We invite you to join us on Saturday, June 9th from 1:00-2:30pm to hear Sarto tell his family's story.

Healthy refreshments will be served and the book will be available for purchase.

This is a free event, but please RSVP (610-594-3656, or as seating is very limited.


About the author: Sarto Schickel is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania. He is a partner in a Philadelphia architecture and design firm and a passionate advocate for natural healing through organic, whole foods nutrition. Sarto grew up on a dairy farm with twelve brothers and sisters. He embraced a healthy plant-based diet twenty-seven years ago. Sarto and his wife, Sun Hee, have two daughters.

Praise for "Cancer Healing Odyssey": "Cancer Healing Odyssey tells a remarkable story of healing from ovarian cancer. Did the Gerson method play a role? yes. Macrobiotics? yes. Medical intervention? yes. But the main ingredient in Sun Hee’s recipe for healing was love...the love of many friends and family, but mostly the love of her husband, Sarto, who never gave up and never lost hope.”  
 ~ Christina Pirello, Emmy Award-winning host of television series, Christina Cooks, and bestselling cookbook author


So, What's with the Pig?

If you've helped yourself to a beverage at the Center in the last couple of months, you may have noticed an oddly-hand-painted purple pig stationed on the tea table.

The attached card gives a little bit of her story.

But I (Gina) will tell you how she ended up here.

A couple months ago, I was invited by a friend to attend an evening of Chai, Chant and & Charity.. a little gig hosted once a month by Jai Yoga in Haverford. Every third Thursday, they invite a bunch of people for a kirtan and some homemade, kick-butt decaf chai, while enlightening the audience to a small local charity.

This evening's cause was Adopt-a-Pig, a group started in April by a father and daughter in Glenmoore, shortly after learning of her cancer diagnosis. They wanted to find a way to comfort families who suddenly found themselves in a similar situation, and were facing the first frightening days of chemotherapy treatments.

Through donations, the group puts together a "Coping Kit" with the comforts of home - little things that the families might not think to bring during the camp-out in the hospital: personal care items, snacks, even an iPad. They've also organized art therapy programs, family events and even built a 'parent room' at the Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children in Delaware.

I picked up this little purple pig at the event, mostly for a certain friend of mine, who knows this experience all too well, as well as having a thing for the color purple.

So, if you care to share your loose change for the cause, we'd appreciate it. When the pig gets full, we'll send the money to the group and fill her up again!

Thank you in advance...!